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SKECHERS GOwalk Toasty are easy to wear, highly comfortable and very lightweight loafer which have been engineered to keep your feet in premium comfort and toasty all day long. These loafers have been made from finest quality materials which deliver long lasting wear. The lightweight construction ensure that you can wear these shoes all day long without even feeling them on your feet. The excellent SKECHERS built ensure long lasting durability and perfect quality loafer. The upper of these loafers has been made from soft suede which has the ability to mold as per the shape of your feet to ensure customized fit. The upper is very smooth and it offers comfortable fit. The slip on construction of these shoes allow you to wear and take them off in a jiffy. The collar and the trim of these loafers has been lined with the Faux Fur which offers plush soft comfort and it also traps the warmth inside these shoes to ensure toasty interior environment. The interior has been lined with Faux Fur as well which also traps the warmth to maintain cozy interior environment and keep your feet well protected from the cold weather outside. The interior lining draws the moisture off your feet as well to deliver healthy and dry wearing for hours. The insole has been cushioned completely to deliver you unbeatable comfort with each step. The insole offers support and it also deliver smooth and stress free ride by attenuating the shocks with each step. The midsole of these shoes also dissipates the shocks and work with the insole to magnify the comfort level so you can stay on your feet for long time. These shoes have flexible man-made outsole which deliver long lasting durability. The outsole has very lightweight construction and it enhance the smooth and easy ride. The outsole has been designed to offer grip on different types of surfaces for slip resistant and sturdy stride. These imported shoes have 1 inch heel which offers you good lift. They weigh just 5.5 ounces as per size 9 which makes them very lightweight shoes in the loafers category. This style can be found in these colors: Chocolate.


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Patti, from Eugene. Oregon

Bought a pair in D.C. while caring for my son after a car accident and discovered the "comfy shoes" I had brought to walk everywhere and run up and down 3 flights of stairs many times a day were killing my feet. So I went in search and found these. They were a "footsaver" I lived in them, and now wear them to work everyday at an elementary school. In the past I have bought some very expensive walking shoes and these surpassed all. I have bought two more pairs and would buy more if they had some different colors.

Jane, from Indianapolis

I love these shoes! The fit is so fantastic and comfortable. I wear them to walk for exercise and anytime I am out and have to walk any distance. I wish they came in more colors and that the colors available would get restocked in my size. I already own two pairs with another on order--I would buy more if my size weren't sold out. Can't say enough good things about these shoes.

Sharon, from Wilkes-Barre, Pa

I bought this shoe because I wanted something lightweight and something I could wear in the summer without socks. These shoes are exactly what I wanted. They are lightweight I am able to wear them without socks. (I have never been able to do this before) I even have problems wearing sandals. These are going to be great for the summer.

Michelle W., from New Mexico

I've only been wearing these around the house (they arrived today) trying them out, but they are super comfortable. The pink is more of a salmon color though - for those ordering that color, but still really nice. They feel a bit wide putting them on, but they are not slipping off at all. I will be trying them out on a walk, but based on the last couple of hours wearing them around the house, I don't expect them to feel uncomfortable. I've never had to return a pair of these - they've always felt great immediately.


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