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Churchsinger, from St. Louis, MO

This casual shoe is cute and very comfortable. This would be a great shoe to take on vacation. It's very lightweight and would be great for walking. Another plus is that's it's washable. It even comes with a cloth bag that you put the shoes in for use in the washing machine.

Barb, from Wisconsin

I wanted a shoe I could wear and have my feet feel comfortable all day long. I bought this shoe after reading all the reviews. Although I wish they offered more colors, I chose the gray. When I received them was sad that they ran big. I sent them back with hopes to exchange them.

Lizzie, from New Jersey

I bought these for my mom as a gift. She is a senior citizen and enjoys walking, but doesn't want to worry about dealing with shoelaces. She LOVES these shoes! They are very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. She wears them almost every day and brags about them to her friends.

Janis, from Texas

I had been seeing good reviews on this shoe and decided to try a pair and I am so happy that I did. For me it fits true to size and is very comfortable. I can walk all day in these with no problem.With free delivery and returns you have nothing to lose by trying them. You might be as happy about getting a pair as I am. Will be coming back for another pair I'm sure but maybe in the leather for fall.

Just retired and have been more busy then when I worked, from Live in Walnut Creek, CA

I now have my daughter in-law and sister wearing these shoes. They have enabled me to feel better about going out and not having to wear my orthotic tennis shoes all the time. My inserts work great in them and I have them in every color, Have these slippers in all four colors. Love this shoe.

Lexigirl, from Santa Barbara, CA

These are comfortable house slippers - but nothing more than that. I had hoped for shoes that had some structure, but these have no arch support, no support at all. I use them comfortably in the house and around the yard, but wouldn't wear them elsewhere. And they are not as cute as I hoped.

DONNA, from United States

Love this comfortable shoe. By far, the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned, directly from the box. Comfortable even without socks. I have a bunion and ordered the extra wide - so comfortable. I had surgery on the other foot three months ago and the shoe felt great on it. Cannot say enough about how comfortable and cute this shoes are. So happy they made these!!


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