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LJJ, from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I love these shoes. This is the second pair that I purchased. I will definitely buy them again. I had to order up 1/2 size so my toe didn't rub. I will continue to order different colors in this shoe. I can wear them all day without problems to my feet, back, or legs.

Bek, from Southern IL

I needed a comfy shoe to wear all day while keeping up with my 2 kids. I researched and found this shoe and hoped that it would be what I wanted/needed. I ordered in 6.5 (my regular size) and was absolutely thrilled when they arrived and exceeded my hopes. I feel like I'm walking on clouds. My legs are not fatigued at the end of the day, and they are lightweight for chasing a toddler around the house! I love that I can wash them if necessary. For me, this was the best shoe! I may be ordering another pair in a different color.

Mandy, from Houston, Texas

I absolutely love these shoes! I'm an ultrasound tech and prefer to scan standing up so I'm on my feet all day and always having to take my machine portable so I'm always walking. These are the best shoes for all of the above. When I was in school one of the ultrasound techs I would get to follow and learn from had really bad rheumatoid arthritis and swore these shoes helped relieve the pain in her ankles she would call them her magic shoes and she bought one in every color! And I have wide feet so these shoes are absolutely perfect!!

Angela, from Nashville, TN

I love the Go Walks so much that I bought a new pair to wear to Disney World. They are so lightweight and comfortable - my feet didn't hurt at all, even after all that walking!Only drawback is they are not waterproof, so if you get them wet, you will have wet shoes on. I didn't have this problem at all when we were there for a week, but I know this from other pairs I had.

SaavyLady, from Mesa, AZ

This shoe arrived more quickly than I expected. I have been wearing it daily ever since. The shoe is lightweight and OH! SO comfortable. Many compliments on look of shoe and I have been vocal about how well it fits. Only drawback I have encountered is that small stones or gravel get stuck between the "comfort" bumps on the sole. So, if you have floors that might scratch, be sure to check sole and remove stones before entering your house.


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