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SKECHERS GOwalk Frisky are everyday wearing shoes which have ultra-lightweight construction and tons of comfort to offer. These shoes can be used with just about any casual outfit for everyday use. The stylish and unique looks of these shoes makes them very attractive and eye-catching. The flexible silhouette and lightweight construction of these shoes allows you to wear them for long time for natural ride. These shoes have upper made from the combination of fabric and synthetic material. The fabric offers comfortable touch and soft wearing to the foot and it also offers breathability to ensure cool and fresh interior environment. The synthetic material gives upper structural strength and makes it more durable and long lasting. These shoes have slip on construction which makes them easier to wear and take off. Interior of these shoes has been lined with the fabric which is smooth and plush soft to keep your feet well protected from irritation and bruises. The lining wicks the moisture off your feet to offer dry, fresh and odorless interior environment. This lining offers great instep feel so you can wear these shoes barefooted without any blisters or irritation. These shoes have Goimpulse sensors which have strategical placement to allows the sensors to movement independently and together as well for ultimate performance. These shoes offers natural stride to promote responsive walk and effect stride every time. The insole of these shoes has been fully padded and it features OrthoLite technology. This technology offers bacteria and odor control to keep the interior environment maximum healthy. The footbed also offers luxurious cushioning to prevent any discomfort or fatigue. The insole contours as per the shape of your feet with gradual use to deliver custom fit. The insole also offers shocks absorption upon impact to fade away the harmful shocks and keep your feet in excellent comfort all day long. These shoes have 360 degree Responsive Flexibility technology which has been designed to allow natural and neutral foot movement. This technology makes the shoe very flexible and it allows the shoe to move as per the movement of the foot for premium performance. The midsole of these shoes also dissipates the shocks and it works with the insole to make your each step more comfortable and smooth. These shoes have super flexible outsole which is lightweight and very durable. The outsole also offers stability to keep your ride perfect and efficient. The outsole has been configured to maintain good grip on various dry and wet terrains for secure and non-skid ride. These imported shoes weigh just 5 ounces as per size 11 which makes them super lightweight as compare to most of the style available. This style can be found in these colors: White/ Charcoal.


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Jema, from Midwest

I have finally found a pair of shoes that I can wear all day...love these shoes ! I have now purchased 3 pairs and my daughter has purchased 2 pairs. I would recommend these shoes to anyone who needs a shoe that will not make their feet feel "tired". These are the best shoes I have ever worn and now have a hard time wearing anything else but Go Walks..a great add to anyone's shoe choice. They are light and easy to wear and many styles are washable. One can wear these shoes for a full day of shopping or walking or work....they are wonderful. My only regret is that too many sizes were out of stock in the many styles that are offered. I would have purchased all shoes from this company if they had them available in the needed sizes.

Theresa, from Ohio

These are great for anytime. I have had a lot of trouble with plantar fascitis and Achilles tendonitis. These shoes make these problems so much better. They are ridiculously light and so comfortable you forget you are wearing shoes, it's like wearing slippers. I am going to buy another pair when more colors are available but the grey is cute, I've gotten compliments on them!

Deborah D, from Charlotte, NC

I purchased this shoe as a casual black walker that doesn't have the look of your typical athletic shoe. I also needed a lightweight walking shoe. I'm a little disappointed because the shoe is not as comfortable as I expected. The insole does not seem to support my foot as well as other walking shoes that I have purchased. I have ordered other bstyles for various needs and did not have this issue. As stated, still adjusting to the fit of this shoe.


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