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Lisa M, from St. Louis, MO area

I love these shoes. I wear them as my black flats for work. I had purchased a pair about 4 months ago. I've worn them everyday, all spring/summer. They were showing wear, so I purchased a second pair for work. I'm still using the others for around the house. I have achilles spurs on my heels. These shoes cradle my heels gently and I've not had a flair up in months. I hope to branch out into more colors but for now, black on black is the shoe for me.

cheri, from mpls, mn

These are now my first, go to shoes... I much prefer these to sandals, at work, and everywhere. They are absolutely the most comfortable shoe I own. my feet tend to get cold with air conditioning, these are light, yet my feet stay comfortable. I find them equally comfortable on flooring surfaces, and outdoors.

Retired 62 year old Grandma, from Southeastern Idaho

I bought these in black to wear to Disneyland. I bought them for comfort concerned that they would not be particularly attractive. Boy, was I wrong! They not only were super comfortable but they are darling shoes. They look great with jeans and casual capris. You can't go wrong with these!

Linda K., from Vermont

I had 5 surgeries on my left foot, consequently left a bit larger than right. I never could buy sneakers or walking shoes that fit both feet properly. I love these shoes - own one pair and am looking for another pair, however, I need wide and find that they are a bit harder to find. My feet though ALWAYS hurt but with these I was able to wear them the first day all day and every day since. Love them!!

Anonymous, from Elyria, Ohio

I love the shoe for comfort. I just wish it came in half sizes. One size was too small and the other longer. What has happened to making shoes for people with narrow feet?? There are still a lot of us out there. Depending on the style of shoe, even if we like them and would purchase them, we can't keep them to stay on!


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