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Bonnie J, from Vancouver, Canada

This is my 2nd pair of Go Walks. I bought my first pair a year ago for a trip to Italy and boy did I "go walk" in them! They took me many miles in absolute comfort. I have achilles problems and was worried that there would not be enough support but I had absolutely no problems with inflammation even after walking around all day. Everyone I know who has these shoes loves them!

Mimi, from Huntingdon, TN

These shoes are, without a doubt, some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They do feel a little large, but not large enough to bother me. I wear them almost everywhere I go (yes, including church) because I have had knee surgery and cannot wear heels. I LOVE these shoes.

Margaret, from Quitman, TX

I ordered the white go walk because my daughter-in-law told me how comfortable the go walk shoes were. She was absolutely correct. They are really comfortable. Just got back from vacation and I wore the go walks more than my tennis shoes or sandals.

VES, from Virginia

The shoe is very comfortable; love having the support of a sneaker in a shoe that looks stylish and is lightweight. Heel portion of shoe is too wide and although I wear a ten it feels too large. I really regret that it is not a better fit. I had tried a 9 1/2 in a department store that that was too short so I thought the 10 would be fine.

Kelly, from Grand Forks ND

I normally wear something with very firm arch support, a very famous maker that saved my feet. These were a gamble that paid off. They are springy and super light weight. They make it easy to go out and shop and not have my feet hurt when I'm done. The support is odd, but nice, I think they are good and well worth the money.

Deanna, from Atlanta, GA

A "walking" buddy recommended these as a good summer alternative to heavier lace-up type walking shoes. I'm glad she did! These are great for my casual 30-minute walks and much cooler since I don't have to wear socks. Frankly, I was surprised at the comfort since they are so light weight. I'll definitely be buying another pair in the future.

Tracy, from Elmhurst, IL

These shoes are so comfy and support my foot very well. My left foot is slightly wider than my right, but these shoes fit each foot well! So light weight and I love the beige color! I would buy them again, without hesitation for the same price!


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