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Barbara, from Cottonwood, Az.

I am 81 with bad feet - arthritis & very little padding - making the soles of my feet very tender. These are the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, like wearing bedroom slippers. After purchasing one pair & finding how great they are I purchased four more in different colors.

T Byrd, from Moneta VA

I have problems with my foot and comfortable shoes are not easy to find. While the brand represents comfort these Walkers have exceeded my expectations. No inserts for cushioning needed. Had a week's vacation in Williamburg VA and A LOT of walking. These shoes did not let me down.

Paula Burns, from Eufaula, Ok.

I have 2 pair of these shoes. I like them so much that I bought my mother and sister, who are both in the nursing home, a pair. They put their other shoes in the closet and wear these constantly. They are so comfortable and light weight that they feel like you are bare-footed.

Cathy, from Merrick, NY

Love this sneaker. It's great support for your arch and feels very comfortable. It even helps me with my plantar fasciitis (painful heels). I already had a pair for the winter and was looking for a pair for the summer and purchased the blue with white bottom and the black with black bottom. Great fit!

Lynn, from Arizona

This is the most comfortable shoe I own. Because of this I have several pairs in different colors. They are very light and airy. The style is very cute and I get a lot of compliments. They are darling with jeans, capris, skirts long and short. I wear them everyday and never have sore feet. You really need to buy these and give them a try. You won't be sorry!

Leslie, from W. Colorado

I went to Los Angeles without appropriate beach footwear, and bought a pair of these because they were close to my hotel. They are GREAT! Very lightweight but extremely comfortable. I now own 3 pair and would buy more if they came in more colors (easily available) but they don't. So Skechers, you have a winner here; make them in more colors!

C.M., from Vancouver, Canada

These have been my go-to walk-the-dog summer shoes for the past couple of years. I ordered a new pair this season as the last ones were getting a bit worn out. The new shoes felt a bit shorter than the old ones - I'm hoping they will stretch a bit as they get worn in. They've been great little shoes for the price!


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